Theater Rental
The Red Vic rents its theater for special events that have been approved by the collective.
Please keep in mind that our calendar runs for approximately 3 months and we program well in advance.

145 seats (some traditional theater seats, some cushioned "couch-like" benches).

35mm, DVD, BetaSP, Blu-ray. Our video projector can handle many other formats, such as mini-DV, but you would need to supply your own deck.

The Red Vic keeps all profits made at the concession stand. Our concessions include: organic popcorn with real butter and nutritional yeast; baked goods from Reel Cafe, a local bakery; assorted chocolates and other candies; Adams organic coffee; tea; lemonade, apple juice and soda.

Our regular hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 6pm - 12am, and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 1pm - 12am.
Off-hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10am - 5pm. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am - noon.

During our regular hours:
Mon - Thurs evenings: $1,000 (two shows)
Fri - Sun evenings: $1,200 (two shows)
Wed/Sat/Sun 2pm matinee: $400 (one show)
Sat/Sun 2pm & 4pm: $600 (two shows)
All day & night Sat & Sun: $1800 (4 shows)

During off-hours:
$150 per hour with a one hour minimum.
Drops to $100 per hour if event is 2 hours or more.
Midnight shows: $350, with a two hour maximum.
Extra charges may apply due to staffing needs.

For more information about rates or to request a booking, please email us at
Red Vic Movie House 1727 Haight Street San Francisco, CA 94117
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